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At one of our workshops, you will learn skills

and tools to take control of your brain as it ages.

Sharp for Life

Actively participate in your cognitive aging process.


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Stay in control

Take charge of your brain to maintain good cognitive function as you age.

Take home kit

Receive a wide arrange of free resources and information about healthy aging.

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Brain Goals
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Brain Aging

Why does knowing about cognitive aging matter?

As the body ages, so does the brain. It is worth knowing what to expect in terms of changes to memory, thinking, attention, and other brain processes associated with normal age-related cognitive decline, and when the changes are abnormal. 

Knowledge is Power

What are the benefits of attending?

At the end of the workshop all attendees will have learned about different tools, strategies, and methods to become active participants in managing their cognitive aging.​

Who would benenefit from attending? 

Anyone in mid to late adulthood who wants to learn about age-related cognitive decline, what changes to expect, and how best to manage it and to keep their brain at top performance.

Is there any prior learning needed? 

No prior knowledge of neuroscience, brain performance, or anatomy is needed. Information will be presented in an easy-to-understand format, with key takeaways summarized.

What resources are available?

A wide range of free resources on the brain and healthy aging are available to all attendees. 

Recommendations made will be based on scientific findings that are accessible to all.

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