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Fit for Life

Use our list of resources to boost your physical fitness and support cognitive function.

Exercise & Lifestyle Habits


Lifelong Fitness

The handout provided by the National Institute on Aging focuses on lifelong fitness. The activities are tailored for older adults and modifications based on pre-existing health and medical conditions.


Incidental Exercise

Information produced by the National Institute of Health giving information on looking for activities that are enjoyable and provide incidental excercise as a way to incorporate activity into everyday living.


Exercise Motivation

Handout by the National Institute on Aging offers ideas on simple ways to make exercise fun and enjoyable. Quick exercises to improve flexibility, build strength, social connection, and exercise.


Fit Body Fit Brain

Recommended Resources

Useful handout by the National Institute of Aging explaining about types of exercise, such as for strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility, and discover the benefits of physical activity.

Complimentary handout of selected resources by QK Consulting that lists helpful resources on staying physically active and maintaining cardiovascular health to ensure optimum brain function. 

Exercise for Every Body
After Yoga

About the instructor: Julie Selby-Lara has a private Personal Training business in Carmel, Ca.


As a Medical Exercise Specialist, Julie has dedicated herself to the management of her client's medical conditions with exercise, through extensive and continuous professional education and tons of enthusiasm!


She is certified as a Medical Exercises Specialist, Stotts Pilates Instructor, Zumba, Spin Instructor, Movement Specialist, Aqua Aerobics, and Swim Stroke Coach.


With a lifelong immersion and involvement in personalized fitness, wellness, team sports, and outdoor pursuits she loves to share her enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle that lends itself to keeping you moving and enjoying your freedom of movement! 

This fun exercise video was specifically designed to boost cognitive function. 


It's appropriate for the beginner to the experienced exerciser.

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