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Recent articles by Dr. Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy publishes magazine articles on a variety of topics related to cognitive aging.  Below are recent publications.


It's not Alzheimer's disease: It's perimenopause

Brain fog due to perimenopause is more common than many people realize.

What the eyes can tell us about brain health: Eye movements can be a guide to cognitive strategies -- and deficiencies

Our eyes are a gateway to understanding cognitive processes as well as brain health.  Getting your annual eye checkup along with other commonsense eyecare behaviors, can help you maintain a healthy brain.

Your memory strategies may impede your ability to remember. What you should try instead

Mindful self-regulation and behavioral shaping  rather than common memory strategies, can help improve everyday memory.

How to be savvy about "brain-boosting products:  Separating fad from fact

The web and pharmacy stores are inundated with ‘brain-boosting’ products and supplements.   Learn how to determine whether a product is backed up by scientific evidence.

Women may have worse outcomes after a brain injury than men. And they may be at greater risk for dementia.  Here's why.

Because clinical treatments have been predominantly tested on men, current treatments may not be as effective for women.​

Chris Hemsworth has the genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's: Exercise may reduce his odds

Regular cardiovascular exercise may slow down cognitive decline and delay the onset of neuropathology among people at high risk for Alzheimer's.

Aging and Mindfulness:

Why learning mindfulness will be easier yet also more challenging with age

Older adults learning mindfulness may find that it is both easier and more taxing than it is for younger adults.

Preserving Financial Autonomy: The Role Of Cognitive Function

Many of us take for granted our financial autonomy. However, cognitive decline and impairment may limit financial autonomy as we age.

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