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Learn more about the talks, events, and workshops QK Consulting recentlt hosted.


Learn about the range of talks, events, and workshops that QK Consulting will soon be hosting.

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Learn more about the wide range of on-demand talks that QK Consulting has on offer.


QK Consulting is dedicated to ensuring every talk, event, or workshop is tailored to the needs of the audience.

Read the experience of prior attendees and about our commitment to exceeding expectations.

Blurry Lights

Executive Director of Carmel Public Library Foundation
Carmel Public Library

The talk was informative and engaging. There was lots of  scientific data and research, and practical advice that was relevant, relatable, and engaging.

Alexandra Fallon


Attorney at Law
Absolute Trust Counsel

That is brilliant. You learn about the aging brain how to prevent dementia etc. so you don't spend your retirement savings on assisted living or expensive medications.

Kirsten Howe


Senior Patient Information Coordinator
Stanford/VA Alzheimer's
Research Centre

Dr. Kennedy's talk on mindfulness and aging, and how to be a savvy consumer of brain-boosting products. Her talk was very informative, flawlessly delivered, and well-received.

Lori Newkirk

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