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Use our list of resources to eat more strategically to maintain cognitive function

Resources Diet & Nutrition


Dietary Supplements

Food Choices

Fit Body Fit Brain

The handout provided by the National Institute on Aging provides information about dietary supplements: what they are, if you should take them, the types of supplements available, and their safety for older adults.

Handout by the National Institute on Aging includes details on how to eat well in your later years, healthy eating plans, nutrients, and food safety recipes, and overcoming roadblocks to healthy eating. 

Choosing healthy foods has health benefits for everyone. As you age, food provides the nutrients you need. The infographic from the National Institute for Aging is clear, simple, and easy to follow.

QK Consulting Diet Handout_Page_1.jpg

Recommended Resources

Complimentary handout  by QK Consulting of the MIND diet (Mediterranean Dash Diet for Neurodegenerative Delay), which supports cognitive function and general wellbeing for older adults.


Healthy Today & Tomorrow

Information produced by the National Institute of Health gives information on lifestyle choices you make today can lead to a healthier future, and how it can help control or delay age-related health problems.

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