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Learn why maintaining brain health is important for retirement through our on-demand webinar series and podcasts.


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Time is our most valuable commodity, which is why QK Consulting created an 'on-demand' series on brain health. 

On-Demand Webinars

Learn why maintaining brain health is good for your wallet and everyday methods for maintaining good cognitive function.

QK Podcasts

Take a sneak peak at some of the insights you'll gain by signing up for one of QK Consulting's on-demand series by listening to one of our podcasts.

Retirement Planning
for Your Brain

Watch Quinn Kennedy, PhD explaining to Kirsten Howe all about maximizing your retirement brain, strategies that work to preserve brain function, warning signs of possible dementia, and resources to empower listeners.

Can eating specific foods help with brain health? The latest research says yes. 

A new study found that following the MIND diet—a combination of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet—can help reduce our risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In this episode, Dr. Kennedy talks with Michael F. Kay about aging and how to keep our brain healthy.


Listen to the podcast here.

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Preparing for retirement means more than maxing out your 401k.

Preserving our minds and bodies is equally as important because how else does one enjoy the fruits of their labor?


Nobody wants to spend all their money on long-term care, doctors, and medications, right? Many of us believe that’s just a fact of life, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.


Surprisingly preserving your cognitive functions is a lot easier than you may think. And before going too far, no, there’s no one end-all, the be-all wonder drug that improves brain health and crossword puzzles aren’t exactly all they are cracked up to be. So, what do we do? Get ready for a list of action items you didn’t know you needed.

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